offered & conducted by Soulcenter.ch

My workshops are for anyone who wants to learn and have fun. In each class, I invite you to learn new skills and bring your own ideas to life. Are you ready for a challenge? Choose one of my courses that best suits you.

Intuitive painting

Different access to the innermost - without words - understand

Course location: Basel / Baselland

"But I can't paint at all! I'm not creative at all!" I used to think that too and then I just started. Today I can't imagine my life without painting.

Through painting we can find access to closed regions in ourselves. Painting is a key to our subconscious.

We can paint consciously - with a fixed image in our mind. Or we can stand at the canvas and wait to see what comes out. Then we are suddenly in the middle of it when the picture as in the flow - without switching on the head and thinking about how and where exactly something goes - simply arises on the canvas. This is Intuitive Painting or rather a conversation with us.

Creative workshop

Intuitive writing - design / creation - intuitive painting

2-day workshop

Course location: Basel / Baselland

Do you want to discover yourself through writing, painting, or creating?

Are you open to the fact that writing, painting, or designing can be fun? Yes, everyone can paint. No, we don't paint one thing, or we don't paint after something. With us, the intuition is in the foreground. In other words, this is not about painting beautifully, this is about opening the door to reach another path in your innermost being.
Intuitive painting means that we show you that painting can be a way to understand yourself better, just like writing.

And writing is the same. No, no excuses like "I can't write!" Again, it's about another key to yourself. Writing can open doors in you to understand yourself much better. Yes exactly, designing can also be done by anyone, and yes, here too we can open doors to ourselves that would otherwise remain closed.

You see, we offer you with this workshop to find a bunch of keys to yourself. It is to show which is your favorite access or who knows maybe it is all three? The three of us are already looking forward to watching you discover the best version of yourself.
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